Garden Creators


Consider Applying to be a Garden Creator

Participating in the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show is indeed a high honor. Garden Creators are privileged to display their creativity, skill and expertise to a worldwide audience. Few other endeavors can offer the Creators the same level of publicity and prestige.

Designing a world-class garden is challenging and stimulating. It takes artistic imagination and natural creativity, a passion for plants, the ability to craft a sense of place, and careful consideration for our precious planet's environmental and ecological issues. It is not a task for the casual designer.  But if you are a professionally qualified garden designer with a passion for creating individual, beautiful, sustainable, cutting edge designs, you should consider creating a garden for the 2014 Show. The rewards can be tremendous.

As you consider participating in the competition to win a place on the garden floor, think about the intent of your garden display;

  • Purpose:  What will the garden illustrate or demonstrate? 
  • Theme/Style: Will there be a specific theme or style, e.g. historical, geographical, symbolic, Italian, English, traditional, modern, woodland etc? 
  • How it Would Be Used: Is there any intended use and by whom? 

There are design considerations that must be taken into account;

  • Will your exhibit part of a larger garden or complete in itself 
  • What will the assumed soil conditions be? 
  • What aspect is the exhibit intended to face? 
  • What will be the relevance and significance of the landscape? 
  • What will be the relevance and significance of the structures? 
  • What will be the relevance of special features such as furniture, sculpture etc? 
  • Will the plantings have a specific purpose? 
Stipends are available to partially underwrite the cost of the exhibit.
For more information and to obtain an application, contact Sherry Larsen at