About Kid's Gardens


Give your budding gardener the chance
               to exhibit on a world-class stage.

Have your budding gardener (or group of gardeners) design, plant, and nurture a small container garden. By working on a miniature container garden your students will acquire hands-on experience in horticulture and garden design. They are also expressing their boundless creativity and imagination with plants. What better way to encourage their enthusiasm than to have them participate in the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show?

Above: Billy Goodnick taking a picture for his article for Fine Gardening, March 2010 about the Children's Gardens.
We thank him for the great article! below!

Since 1998 the Children's Gardens in Sproutopia have been an integral part of the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show. These children's gardens attract a huge audience with their imagination and creativity. Schools from around the Bay Area get involved by creating these small container gardens. Many have themes such as Prehistoric Times or Dr. Seuss; there's even been a “Rainforest” complete with tree house.

By working on a tiny garden, teachers find their students acquire cognitive and hands-on experience in horticulture and garden design. It offers teachers an opportunity to convey principles of biology in a fun way. Every child's garden gets a certificate of participation and ribbons are awarded.

Participants are encouraged to come to the Show to see the results of their efforts. FREE tickets will be provided.

Space is limited! For more information go to:

Creating a Kid's Garden

Kid's Garden Application